Meet the Team


Tanya Halkyward

Italy Leader

Tanya Halkyard grew up in California and lived most recently in Pennsylvania. She left the country to teach English and is now living in Rome, Italy. After the results of the 2016 presidential election, Tanya felt frustrated being so far away from the U.S. and unable to join with other Americans in the strive for a more positive country. She then did a quick internet search and found the group American Expats for Positive Change which, had started in London only hours earlier. Since then Tanya has been leading the group in Rome giving Americans a voice in the political process at home.


Caren Holzman

UK Co-Leader

Caren arrived in London in 2009 and now calls it home although she is 100% American at heart!  She runs her own consulting company--Enabling Outcomes--that focuses on business solutions to alleviate poverty and promote conservation in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  Caren hails from Stamford, Connecticut and cares deeply about international development, public school education, the environment, and gun control. Having both American and British citizenship, 2016 was an especially disappointing year but served as a motivation to find her activist voice.

Head shot_Emily Alpert

Emily Alpert

UK Communications

Emily Alpert grew up in Chicago and then lived in Colorado and Washington, D.C. before she moved to London in 2010. Emily felt like her world started collapsing around her after the outcomes of the EU Referendum and the 2016 US Presidential election. Even as a campaigner by training, Emily was shocked by the tide of political upheaval and unsure about what to do to affect change in the UK or the US. Thankfully, Caren Holzman, introduced her to American Expats for Positive Change. Now she can connect with other Americans abroad to support each other through these challenging times and channel her energy into amplifying the voices of Americans abroad in the US political process.


Robyn Murgio


Robyn Murgio grew up in NJ and lived in CA for many years until she moved to London in 2016. She woke up on November 9 feeling powerless living so far away in the midst of such crazy upheaval back in the states. After breaking the news to her 7 year old son that America had not elected the first woman president as he had hoped, she decided her only options were to speak against this injustice and stand up for her beliefs. Later that day, she and another American in London discussed how to go about accomplishing these goals. Their coffee quickly turned into the first meeting of AEPC.


D'one Wagner

U.K. Co-Leader

Bio coming soon.